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"Our valuation assignments in seniors housing and health care are widely accepted by all major lenders and insurers of these property types."

- Sterling Short

Real Estate and Business Valuations

Seniors Housing Facilities

building5 (45K) Tellatin, Short, & Hansen, Inc. has performed seniors housing valuations on more than 3,300 independent living, assisted living, Alzheimer's/dementia care and continuing care retirement communities in more than 40 states. Members of the firm have continuously worked with many of the country's largest lenders, developers and operators in the seniors housing industry for more than 25 years. Over this time span, we have collected a very significant database of well confirmed and analyzed market transactions, operating expense data, market saturation and absorption data and we have developed analytical techniques and methodologies to process skillfully these indicators into well supported valuation conclusions. The foundation of any valuation includes a clear, unbiased assessment of the competitive market (existing and future supply and demand) and the position of subject facility within the market.

We have a significant database of well confirmed and analyzed market transactions, operating expense data, market saturation and absorption data to aid our unbiased, clear valuation.

building4 (35K)Our approach in researching and analyzing the competitive market forces to provide the users of our reports with the confidence to make investment and financial decisions. Our firm is proud to have provided advice to numerous investors, lenders and developers to allow them to steer through the development gluts that plagued the industry in the late 1980's and late 1990's, and to ramp up investments near the end of these two down cycles.

Our reports provide the following analyses:

  • Thorough inventorying of the local competitive market - existing and future supply.
  • Detailed supply and demand analysis.
  • Critical assessment of the physical plant assets, including construction and mechanical quality and functional design - with over 25 years of experience and more than 3,300 seniors housing facilities appraised, and several thousand more surveyed, we have developed a trained eye towards the property issues that can prolong or shorten the expected economic life of the facility.
  • Close analysis and comparisons of operating expenses by line items - including FTE and wage analysis and a cross comparison with our large expense comparable database of more than 1,000 seniors housing facilities across the nation.
  • Skillful development of price indicators from market sale transactions, often obtained from our own valuation work performed to facilitate acquisition financing - price indicators include per-unit indications applied to direct sales comparison techniques and direct-sales-derived capitalization and internal rates of return applied to income capitalization valuation techniques.